Life As We Know It

I can confidently that life finally feels manageable, and dare I say fun, again for the first time since Ben was born.


That sounds bad; like the last 19 months have been the unfun, unmanageable oblivion of parenting.

Well…..maybe that’s not to far from the truth. Okay, the half truth.

Ben is a sheer delight to our family. His laughter can make everyone in the room stop and join in, his sweet little voice croaks out the funniest words, and his intensity to get what he wants is a telling foreshadowing of his strong personality. But the first 6 months of his life, whew, were not fun. He basically cried and didn’t sleep until the week he hit 6 months. Then he started napping (finally) and sleeping through the night (finally) but his nap didn’t overlap with Parker’s. So for the second half of the first year of his life, we played catch up on sleep, life and marriage. But guess what? When you basically spend 6 months trying to sleep whenever you can and always holding a screaming baby, the long intentional conversations of marriage take a back burner. So then when you start talking again for the first time in 6 months, some issues tend to creep up (fun, right?). But it’s nothing that counseling can’t fix (hey mom and other concerned readers – we are fine! All marriages hit bumps and I am glad our first big bump happened 6.5 years in when we had a solid foundation, knew how the other communicated and had the money for counseling. All is well now. For realz.).

92F76D30-D3EA-4B57-8DDF-159EDAF9B5CBSo with all that being said, life feels GOOD. Really good. Parker is growing up and talking like you wouldn’t believe. His imagination is a force to be reckoned with; the scenarios and stories he sets up for us to play in are unreal and I love them. His vocabulary and understanding (no surprise) is nuts. He can spell all our names, recognize all his letters, use words like ‘scheme’ and ‘voraciously’, and carry on long long long (loooooong) conversations with thousands of questions. I love this little peek into his soul where he tells me every little thing that crosses his mind. He is a goofball and I love him so much.

Ben wakes up with three thoughts on his mind: where is my mom, where are my boots and where is my food. ECF8DD8B-4904-41E2-B47A-B02446B763A9As long as all three of those are within arms reach (literally) then he is happy. His vocabulary has exploded in the last two weeks; he can actually ask for what he wants, he sings little songs, and he screams for his toys. My personal favorite is he has started grabbing my hand and insisting I stop whatever I am importantly doing (hello Instagram and national news) and dragging me to show me something. I love getting to see what his little heart treasures. He could read books all day long: just a few days ago he sat while Nathan read him 103 pages of a Curious George book. I love my little readers! I always knew I wanted to raise kids that loved to read and I knew it would be a struggle with boys. And who knows what the future of their love of reading will look like. But for now, they both beg to read and I absolutely love it.

klyde warrenToday we went to Klyde Warren Park downtown to play with the big Imaginarium blocks and then head to the fountains. Well apparently it was wildly offensive to Parker that other kids had the audacity to touch his blocks, even after he had finished playing with them. Which then prompted a meltdown of why they took down his tower from last week (I don’t know buddy, maybe because they had to put them up and store them for a week?). But alas, logic is lost on the three year old mind. So we headed to the fountains where Ben proceeded to lay ON TOP OF the other kids playing in the water. Whatever. At least they had younger siblings and could laugh it off. Parker, on the other hand, refused to get near the water since last week he found a dead bird in it. Thank you for shouting that loudly today buddy and causing all the parents to stare at me. Nathan surprised us with a short 15 minute visit between meetings downtown and heading back to his client site. You’d think the boys would be thrilled to see him – and they were, for about 2 minutes. Then Ben started screaming at every kid who deigned to come within 15 feet of him and Parker cried because there weren’t real monkeys on the trolley that passed us.

Whatever guys. I wore you out and got 2 hours naps out of both of you. I WON TODAY.



Just imagine I am singing and dancing while writing this post. Because I am. We have been a computer-less family for almost a year (my delightful breast pump exploded all over my old laptop) but our tax rebate (why is it called a rebate, by the by, since it was my money to begin with and they are simply giving back to me what was rightfully mine in the first place??) enabled us to finally purchase a new laptop.

Oh happy day.

I’ve been sitting here for almost an hour with so many things I’ve been wanting to do on a computer for the last year and am instead totally crippled by the possibilities at my finger tips! But in my absence, let’s recap the last year, since all I managed to do for the last year was a monthly post on sweet Ben:

– Ben cried. ALOT. Nathan and I guess that he cried for half of the first year of his life. He was such a delightful baby when he wasn’t crying.

– Parker went from baby to toddler to big kid. His vocabulary has exploded, he never stops asking questions, he notices everything, dances to all music, wants to read books all day, and can do puzzles forever.

– Ben finally stopped crying…..most of the time. He still has his days but for the most part he is a very happy baby. He dances, claps, babbles, walks and wants to read books all. day. long.

– Nathan has the same job.

– I have the same job. I just have a lot less time to do anything at my job. By job I do mean keeping my two hooligans alive, shaping their minds, and cooking endless dinners.

– I still write for Dallas Mom’s Blog and love it.

– I got picked to be on the Launch Team for Jen Hatmaker’s new book! I am loving not only her new manuscript but at the same time, loving the new community of people to interact with on Facebook.

But on the blog front, I hope to have lots of changes coming soon. I’ve been scribbling ideas on scraps of paper and in notebooks all over my house. So hopefully I will have lots of new content and stories for my five readers.

Happy reading!